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Jewelry - Independent Touchstone Crystal Representative

Carolyn Pruett

Independent Touchstone Crystal Representative

Occupation: Independent Touchstone Crystal Representative
Company: Independent Touchstone Crystal Representative
Location: Yukon, OK.
Website: www.touchstonecrystal.com
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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2008 5:04pm

About Me:
I already had an etsy.com store where I sold my own jewelry creations so I was overjoyed to find www.touchstonecrystal.com due to the name recognition of 100+ years of Swarovski quality. It allows me to duplicate my creative endeavors in showing others how to make the jewelry I enjoy. My jewelry obsession has become self sustaining through the combination of self duplication in the home party scenario coupled with several retail endeavors.

There are only 200 Touchstone Crystal Representatives in the entire United States at this point. There is nary a consultant in the entire midwest (north of Oklahoma) so this is a wide open market! I am seeking creative, motivated self starters to join my team to mentor others in giving one the self satisfaction which comes from answering a compliment with, "Well, thank you I MADE IT MYSELF."

Jewelry knowledge is not required; the ability to manage pliers is a plus .

Bling Bling, Opportunity calling!!!!

Touchstone Crystal business and product advantages:

1. High profit product lines
Unlike other companies that market low profit products, Touchstone Crystal products have very high margins which means our wholesale representatives don’t need to build a team of thousands of distributors and clients to operate a profitable and lucrative business.

2. Highly Emotional Products
Looking back in history, no other commodity has captured more attention than jewelry. It is a symbol of wealth, love, passion and the way we express our feelings. Our products are highly customizable with the symbolic touchstones. Chocolate may say, “I’m sorry”, but jewelry says, “I love you.”

3. Visual appeal
Touchstone Crystal products are self-promoting because of their visual appeal and provide instant gratification at the point of sale. Other companies market product with the promise to deliver results that require trials of 90 days or longer, which makes the buying decision that much more difficult.

4. Uniqueness
According to statistics, over 96% of the direct selling companies market nutrition, household and telecommunication products. In fact, in 2007 a distributor for a nutritional company is forced to compete with over 30 million other network marketing distributors. TOUCHSTONE CRYSTAL is truly unique as it is the only direct selling company that offers kits made up entirely of Swarovski elements in the highly competitive direct selling industry.

5. Want vs. Need
Other companies are constantly trying to establish a need for their product line by making unrealistic and sometimes unreasonable product claims. According to statistics, jewelry is the only product line that is used by over 85% of the population every single day. TOUCHSTONE CRYSTAL customers want and purchase our product line at will without any false pretenses, and they become marketers of their own product.

6. A safe business
TOUCHSTONE CRYSTAL products are the safest products to promote and market in the direct selling industry due to the fact that they do not expire. Swarovski has been the luxury brand name for precision-cut lead crystal glass products since the Swarovski company was founded more than 100 years ago.

7. Reliability
Jewelry has been the most precious commodity known to man for the past 2000 years, still is today and will be 2000 years from now. There will never be a replacement for the timelessness of crystal jewelry, hence the passing down from generation to generation. Companies that offer the latest and greatest health products or telecommunication products are constantly being replaced as science and technology progress, making them very trendy, volatile and unreliable. TOUCHSTONE CRYSTAL wholesale representatives do not have to endure the same challenges that other network marketing distributors go through.

Place of Business Hours of Operation
Independent Touchstone Crystal Representative
Yukon, OK 73099

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Contact Information

Phone: 405-577-6452

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