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Advertising - Profit Planners

Bill Merrow

Profit Planners
Bill Merrow - Profit Planners

Occupation: Behavioral Marketing Strategist
Company: Profit Planners
Location: Phoenix, AZ.
Website: www.azprofitplanners.com
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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2009 5:48pm

About Me:
As a Behavioral Marketing Strategist, I help my clients influence the behavior of their prospective clients to choose them over their competition. My specialty is isolating my client's target markets, then engineering their products, pricing and sales process to create a messaging strategy that optimizes their results and profitability. This approach enables us to choose promotional methods that produce the greatest return on their marketing investments and to design promotional materials that compel prospective customers to take action and existing customers to buy more and more often. Our end result is a dramatic improvement in sales and profitability.

I have earned a very unique combination of degrees - a BA in Accounting and an MA in Behavioral Science. This educational background enables me to focus both of the measurement of results as well as the scientific methods of influencing action.

My corporate career began in 1984 with CIGNA Healthplan and continued with American Express where I built and trained a 40,000 person sales force and sold $500,000,000 of investment products utilizing direct mail in less than 18 months. I launched my first consulting business in 1995 and have worked with General Electric, Walmart, Blue Cross and hundreds of smaller firms.

I married my Princess in 1974 on her sixteenth birthday. We have a daughter and grandson who live in Tennessee who visit often.

I can be reached at 602.821.7340 or via email at bill@azprofitplanners.com.

Place of Business Hours of Operation
Profit Planners
1850 West Mission lane
Phoenix, AZ 85021


S. Nathaniel Litle

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Vice President/Founder

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Phone: 6028217340

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